Notice of Election


Notice is hereby given that a vote of THE MUNICIPALITY OF SOURIS-GLENWOOD

will be taken to elect 1 MAYOR AND 6 COUNCILLORS from the following duly nominated candidates:

For the offices of Councillor:             For the office of Mayor

  1. Apperley, Bruce                                     1. Davison, Duane
  2.  Brown, Donald J.                                  2. Jackson, Darryl
  3. Denbow, Blake
  4. Denbow, Sande
  5. Eissner, Detlef
  6. Eissner, Kim
  7. Gerow, Darcy
  8. Kempe, Karen
  9. Peddle-Hastings, Savaughn
  10. Walker, Todd

Click on the link below for more information.  To view the Manitoba Municipal Election site, visit their website at 

FORM 20 – Notice of Election


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