Welcome to Souris-Glenwood A beautiful, fun, progressive community
Welcome to Souris-Glenwood
A beautiful, fun, progressive community


The Municipality of Souris-Glenwood government recognizes the importance of the peacock population that roam free in the Town of Souris. For some residents, the peacocks have become disruptive and destructive as new generations of the birds are born and feed further from Victoria Park, roosting within residential areas.


Due to the direct daily impact upon its residents, it is important that residents understand what their local government is doing to ensure a safe compromise for all involved.


“There are many folks that believe we should keep peacocks as part of our identity,” said Mayor Darryl Jackson. “We also respect the seriousness of how disruptive and destructive the birds can be to some residents and their property, particularly those living close to Hillcrest Museum.”


Action planned for March 2022.


The Municipality of Souris-Glenwood Officials have agreed to utilize a fowl broker to swap out the existing flock of peafowl. While the flock is captive in the barn this winter, they will be relocated to new homes outside the municipality, and a new flock will be brought to the barn. When the peafowl are released in the spring, efforts will be made to encourage them to remain closer to the park by providing food in the area as they become familiar with their new surroundings. This will also provide an opportunity to control the population and health of the birds. 


Residents, please note the importance to abstain from feeding the peacocks.