Economic Development

Economic Development is important to the changing rural landscape in Manitoba and around the world. Local economies have been affected by the changes in commerce, business, trade patterns and globalization. Economic Development and Community Economic Development (CED) are tools communities can use to overcome these challenges. To some, economic development means the creation of local jobs, increasing the tax base, supporting existing businesses and improving the quality of life for the residents. CED is a community driven process where the community members and stakeholders initiate their own solutions to economic, social and environmental issues in order to create an economically viable community.


In order to address the concerns of Economic Development it is important to have an organization that is focused and dedicated to this role. For the Souris-Glenwood area, this is  performed by the Souris & Glenwood Community Development Corporation (SGCDC). This Corporation’s purpose is to promote and enhance economic development for the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood. It is run by a board of volunteers that is comprised of members of the community, representation from the Souris and Glenwood Chamber of Commerce, and elected officials from the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood. The main functions of the Corporation are:

  • Promoting the community
  • Tourism initiatives
  • Immigration services
  • Skill and capacity development to local organizations
  • Business development assistance and support
  • Site selection
  • Research, data analysis and information
  • Public communications and events listings
  • Working alongside regional partners to support the whole region

The Corporation manages and directs the local Economic Development Officer (EDO). The EDO is available to provide assistance to business and community organizations alike.

Souris Glenwood Community Development Corporation
100-2nd Street South
Phone: (204) 741-0631
Fax: (204) 483-5203
Economic Development Officer: Lon Turner