Bird Watching

PeacockBird watchers and nature lovers will delight in the opportunities to see a plethora of feathered fowl up close in Victoria Park, in the bird sanctuary or even throughout the community.

Home to migratory and resident birds throughout the year,  and situated in close proximity to three sites on the International Adventure Trail – notable birding sites on both sides of the 49th parallel, bird enthusiasts are sure to spot many species of birds here.

The variety of birds can vary from year to year, but our sanctuary has traditionally been home to several varieties of pheasants, ducks, and swans, as well as seasonally home to flocks of Canada geese as well as wild turkeys which reside both  in the park and wander about the community.  It’s possible that you might run into individual birds or flocks as you enjoy your visit.

Of course our community is best known for our resident population of peacocks which, over time, have earned distinction as honorary ambassadors of the community.